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DAMS is designed to provide biometric & RFID devices
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DAMS (Device & Attendance Management System) is designed to provide biometric & RFID devices and attendance management for corporate clients with premises in multiple locations. DAMS collects and manages staff attendance records from biometric devices installed in an enterprise environment. Based on the verification of staff identification at the entrances, the system could generate sophisticated staff attendance reports and analysis data. On the one hand, DAMS could control devices such as fingerprint recognition devices like i4, face recognition devices like FxGuard and RFID devices like Active RFID reader.

DAMS provides user maintenance function to maintain the security rights of user profiles for access to DAMS functions. Multiple user groups can be created, in typical the system built in two types of user: administrator and normal user. The system provides a wide range of device management functions which include device information display, configuration modification, device re-initialization, life-cycle processing, and user profile templates synchronization. The system interfaces with different applications through API and common data definition in the database. It supports maintenance of applications so that the system could always keep track of the current settings of various applications.

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